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In a complex quality program, how do you know what's going on?

STEPQ is your answer!  STEPQ is a scalable, web-based application that provides diverse companies visibility and control of performance across all stakeholders at all levels.  It achieves this through its flexible event management control that automates and manages activities like: Audit, CAPA and Inspection activities, real-time supplier interaction, approval / escalation processes, relational archives (evidence, procedures, etc).

You must have visibility. Timely, detailed, secure information allows you to make strategic business decisions faster, and spot 'red flags' sooner.  Seeing information (such as detailed audit reports, inspection data or even digital product images) across all divisions in your company is essential in optimizing the management of your suppliers' quality.  It eliminates duplication and lets you distribute information fast.  How can you Collaborate, Communicate and Deliver all this with just an Internet browser?

Business Features:

  • Fully interactive event management system ties all stake holders into one central system
  • Process controls provide effective management of Audits, Inspection and CAPA activities
  • Detailed event statuses provides granular visibility as your process is in motion.
  • Real-time dashboards ensures critical suppliers are on your radar
  • Relational data provides a thread to all relevant data such as follow up activity, objective evidence and trends.

Technical Features:

  • Web Enabled, open end architecture leveraging Microsoft technology
  • Customizable reports allows users to leverage data based on revolving business conditions
  • Configurable automated notification system allows users to stay alert of the next critical step
  • Configurable user groups and security roles allows users to control how users interact within the system
  • Aligns with FDA21CFR Part 11 and standard security best practices

To make strategic supplier decisions, we need complex performance data fast.  And to do this effectively, we need to securely and seamlessly share information up and down our supply chain.  STEPQ gives us this power.

Six Sigma Black Belt Project Lead
at leading consumer products manufacturer

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  • STEPQ currently host over 5,000 active user worldwide
  • STEPQ data has become the foundation of various quality decisions and strategies
  • STEPQ has help manage thousands of Audits and CAPAs each year