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Our Experts

We deliver our services by leveraging our global network of proven quality, manufacturing, and regulatory experts in 90+ countries. Our team has the quality skills and commodity expertise to put you on-site faster, eliminate travel budgets, and work in a project-specific capacity.

SQA represents expertise and professionalism embodied in a global network of esteemed quality specialists. The term Associate truly captures the meaning of the SQA relationship. It represents a partnership, a unity with SQA in act, enterprise, and business. The combination of outstanding people and their unique rapport produces a formidable group: the SQA Associates.

  • Qualified and certified, by SQA, by industry, and by your SOPs, tools, and methodology
  • Specialized in supplier commodity, e.g. API, excipient, packaging, etc.
  • Local to your suppliers, speaking the local language but with a global perspective
  • Proven, dedicated, senior quality professionals continuously monitored and measured by activity

Associate Spotlight

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