SQA Mini Series Episode 2

You Won’t Believe What We’ve Seen: Saving Lives

By Sarah Barnes-Humphrey

I hope you’re enjoying our fascinating ‘You Won’t Believe What We’ve Seen’ mini-series, in partnership with SQA services.

In last week’s episode ‘Mission Control’ (insert link), we talked to SQA founder and President Mike McKay, and industry professional and advisor to SQA Jeff Luckey, and delved into the incredible world of aircraft and aerospace.

And we have an equally amazing podcast for you today, with episode 2 ‘Saving Lives,’ as we dive into the life sciences. Mike McKay joins us once again, alongside President & CEO of Civica Rx Martin Van Trieste, one of Modern Healthcare’s ‘100 Most Influential People in Healthcare’ and the #2 leader on The Medicine Maker’s ‘Power List of Industry Influencers.’

They’re going to be exploring the dark world of counterfeit drugs and shadow factories, sharing their passions and experiences after many years at the top of their industry, and reinforcing that all-important topic of Quality. You don’t want to miss it!


[00.58] Introducing Mike McKay.
[02.18] Introducing Martin Van Trieste.
[04.28] SQA’s key partnerships in the life sciences industry, from Pfizer to Johnson and Johnson.
[05.01] Martin’s long-standing relationship with SQA, and why he came to rely on their services.

“Over 20 years, I’ve become enamored with their business model. But more importantly, I grew to respect Mike and his team so much – I trust them – and that’s something that takes a long time to build.” (MVT)

[07.15] The importance of working as an extension of a customer’s team, being flexible, efficient and meeting customized needs.
[10.21] How saving time and money through using a team of specialists like SQA, means customers are freed up to work on the important things – saving lives.
[12.02] Why working with SQA is not simple out-sourcing: it’s all about information sharing, communication, honesty and collaboration.

“It’s a very interactive process.” (MVT)

[14.27] Shadow factories, their impact on the industry, and on saving lives.
[16.52] Show factories, and Mike’s eye-opening industry experiences.

“Our auditor walked over to a drum, lifted up the top and saw the laminate still inside – no product had been made there!” (MMK)

[19.12] Supply and demand during COVID-19.
[23.15] SQA’s passion and pride to be doing their part in developing vaccines and saving lives.
[26.06] Why there are drug shortages, ‘Just in Time’ vs ‘Just in Case’ and how/why Martin’s company Civica Rx are moving towards shorter, more robust supply chains.

“Not all industries are the same: you can’t apply every solution to the same problem in a different industry.” (MVT)

[31.45] Why quality is so important, both on a business and a personal level.
[33.41] How SQA’s ‘Quality Is’ campaign helps to keep quality at the top of everybody’s agenda, both internally and with customers too.
[35.53] Why without quality, you don’t have safety – and you can’t save lives.

You can connect with Mike on LinkedIn, or head over to SQA’s website now to find out more, meet the team and discover how they could help you too.

You can also connect with Martin on LinkedIn or find out more about Civica Rx‘s pioneering work on their website.