SQA Mini Series Episode 1

You Won’t Believe What We Have Seen: Mission Control

By Sarah Barnes-Humphrey

I’m incredibly excited to bring you a brand new 4-part series, in partnership with SQA Services. SQA Services has over 25 years’ experience and is now widely recognized as a flexible global resource and a proven solution provider for today’s complex supply environments. I’ve gotten to know them over the past few months and their industry knowledge, passion – and amazing stories – demanded their own platform.

Inspired by their experiences and anecdotes, I’m proud to introduce the aptly named ‘You Won’t Believe What We’ve Seen’ mini-series. Over the next 4 episodes, we’ll be bringing you stories that showcase the importance of quality in supply chain and the fascinating places it’s taken SQA.

So, grab a coffee and find a quiet spot to enjoy Episode 1, ‘Mission Control.’ Featuring SQA founder and President Mike McKay, and industry professional and advisor to SQA Jeff Luckey, this episode takes us into the incredible world of aircraft and aerospace.


[01.26] Introducing Mike McKay.
[02.46] Introducing Jeff Luckey.

“I know a thing or two, because I’ve seen a thing or two!” (JL)

[04.28] SQA’s key industry partnerships, from Boeing to NASA.
[08.29] Jeff’s relationship with SQA, their introduction to Boeing and the importance of quality.

“Unless quality is actually built in at the beginning… you’re likely to have quality issues at the end of the chain.” (JL)

[12.14] The responsibility, pride and pressure that goes hand in hand with being a part of supply chain for space missions.
[15.34] The sheer scale of Aeronautic production, which really puts the importance of quality into perspective.
[18.53] How Mike’s son, who is a pilot, brings a personal angle to quality and safety.
[21.04] How getting to know customers, as well as inspiring and trusting your staff, combines to build a great team.

“I’m like the owner of a sports team: you hire your head coach and then let them go to work!” (MMK)

[23.44] Jeff’s Boeing projection figures and the future of aircraft.
[28.57] How SQA will adapt and support the automation of the future.

“The only constant is change.” (MMK)

[31.28] SQA’s ‘Quality Is’ campaign.
[35.52] Our expectation for excellence, and how that demands quality.


You can connect with Mike on LinkedIn, or head over to SQA’s website to find out more, meet the team and discover how they could help you too.