5 Questions For Better Supplier Management & Performance

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  1. How do you manage supplier performance to ensure your products are delivered on time and according to the exact specification?

    Communication between buyers and suppliers should be two-way, with both parties learning from each other. The buying organization can often improve its own performance as a result of supplier feedback. SQA has created a simple 7-step process that will help integrate our client’s stakeholders into each event to ensure mutual accountability and results.  We act as a seamless extension of your organization and collaborate with you to ensure that we deliver results.
  2. How do you identify gaps when it comes to approving/rejecting global suppliers?

    Supplier segmentation is the process of categorizing suppliers based on a risk matrix. SQA’s Supplier Assessment & Remediation Program helps develop suppliers to sustain your minimum level of acceptable requirements and/or regulatory standard.  Our team helps your suppliers develop and implement processes that will remediate systematic gaps in their operations, lowering costs and mitigating risk.
  3. How are you leveraging key performance data?

    KPIs relevant to your suppliers and your company, based on a set of objectives, should be shared continuously on a real-time basis.  SQA’s technology (STEPQ) is a cloud-based application that provides visibility and control of supplier quality performance across all stakeholders.  STEPQ manages real-time supplier interaction, approval, and escalation processes.
  4. How does Procurement measure the relationship with your suppliers?

    Start off with basic data about financials and operations and then build specific metrics for each supplier. Data around fulfillment, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement will build a picture of your suppliers’ ability to deliver results. By partnering with SQA, your company can project its presence into your supply partners. With an approach that is both innovative and evolving, we incorporate best practices from quality and manufacturing in a flexible, integrated, and open system to ensure superior business performance.
  5. How effectively are you leveraging your supplier quality resources?

    To get a clear picture of your company’s supplier risk portfolio, individualized risk assessments should be made on the performance of each supplier. SQA provides a broad spectrum of quality solutions – from providing shop-floor surveillance, to leveraging a team of subject matter experts around the world. Led by client-driven Program Management teams as well as a Content Validation team – our systems, infrastructure, processes, and track record ensures that we act as an objective extension of your organization.